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Dospat - history

It's not too known, but wonderful place is town of Dospat. It is situated at west Rodopi mountain. Dospat's environs conceal a secret of Bulgarian history.

These lands had been populated from antiquity trakiаns tribes- "Satri", "Medi" and "Daii". Around Dospat even to this day subsist the site ,,Daa”, who is strewn with awesome forests and very much forest fruit in the summer and a wealth of mushrooms in the autumn. These place remind for the life on trakians tribes ,,Daii”. About this tribes, talking preservation to this day trakians mound around village Liubcha and trakians sanctuary on peak "Videnitza" in village Zmeitza.

Village Liubcha national memory is keepsake about trakians singer Orfei with name on the place "Orfenscoto". About the Roman attendance in this place eloquent reminds in good shape Roman bridge, had been hiden in deep a venerable memoirs, the bridge proud above on river "Kardjadere". It is worth, human cross "Roman bridge" and thinking that he is not only bit of Bulgarian history, but he is little bit of world history.

Dospat grow up for important strategy and military middle ages a fortified in ХІІІ century, build from Despot Aleksej Slav. It was the man, who have given the name "Dospat", whose name is unaltered though centuries on ottoman domination. Today just a scanty remains of antiquity in this place. "Hisaria". Long time the forest round Dospat was called "Slavievi gori".