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Dospat - property

Real Estate for sale at Dospat Lake in Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

Dospat Reservoir is located in the western part of the Rhodope Mountains. The reservoir nearly 19 km (12 mi) long and stretches northwest to the city of Dospat. At 1,200 m (3,900 ft) above the sea level, it is one of the highest dams in Bulgaria in terms of altitude, and, with its 22 km2 (8.5 sq mi) of water area, the second largest in capacity. In the surrounding areas there are also other large dams: Vacha, Golyam Beglik, Batak and Shiroka Polyana. The area offers great opportunities for recreation and tourism.

The flora and fauna around the reservoir are diverse and the geography offers breathtaking sights. The terrain is hilly, with old coniferous forests; meadows and arable land surround the lake.

The reservoir is stocked with perch, trout (rainbow, brown, brook), carp, European chub, common rudd, common roach, pumpkinseed, wels catfish, Danube Bleak and various members of Carassius. Trout are reared in cages within the reservoir.

Accessibility – there are four main roads to the reservoir. One from Batak, a second from Velingrad to Sarnitsa, a third from Devin and a fourth from Gotse Delchev to the town of Dospat. The one from Batak forks into two roads; one leading to the town of Dospat and the town of Sarnitsa. Along the south bank of the lake there runs a rough road from Sarnitsa to Dospat but this is only used to access the holiday spots.


The land plots are situated at the largest peninsula et the northeast part of the lake shown at the pictures below.

There are 11 land plots grouped into 4 properties, so that each one has access to the road and to the lake shore as shown below. The area in the brown color is urbanized and this is where one can build a house.

Average price – 25 euro/ sq.m

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