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Welcome to Villa Classic, Dospat

Dospat is the perfect place for your holiday, rest and walkabout among the nature. Dospat is the touch for harmony and eternity. Dospat is the contemplation in the fisherman and the care-free years of childhood, the smell of pine forest and the spirit on the mountain. Come in Dospat to feel free, full and pregnant empty. Come in Dospat to start being a fisherman, a child or just a passenger. Come in Dospat to go out for a walk near the dam, to taste a trout, to try a clin and find out what "topcheta of lana" mean.

Villa Classic is a traditional Rodophy’s house located at the quiet and peacefull place near beautiful forest hill. You are always welcome in Villa Classic.


Traditional Rodopi cuisine

The traditional dospat's dishes are bean, topcheta from lana (like bulgarian sarmi, but more delicious, made by special sort cabbage called "Lana", the Rodopi's pie "baklava", clin (sort-pie), moussaka and etc.


The fair in Dospat

Every year the last weekend on august has organized the fair in Dospat with many songs and traditional dances. It started in early 80’s like fair to fountain builder under the aegis of UN. At that places have more than 180 fountains.