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The people of Rhodope build houses all the same 1000 years they live, and they rejoice as if they were to die tomorrow.'

In the Rhodopes, the houses are big, souls wide, and the people calm.

And this house, like all other Dospat houses, has its own history and follows its own development. From an ordinary Dospat house of a normal Rhodope family, it becomes a cozy and frequently visited guest house - Villa Classic Dospat.

The construction of Villa Classic Dospat started back in 1971 year with the purchase of a plot of land for the construction of a house. The plot itself is located in the new district of Dospat on a very stony and slightly hilly area in close proximity to the forest. Due to the nature and specificity of the purchased terrain, it took the farmers years to improve it and create a place to build a house. Huge stone blocks removed from the site were used as foundations. See photos from the courtyard of the house here.

On the first floor of the villa there is a kitchen for guests and a tavern. The tavern leads to a spacious courtyard, shaped in corners with different plantings. There is also a summer shed in the yard for the convenience of her guests, barbecue and improvised children's corner.

Next to Villa Classic Dospat there are convenient parking spaces and meadows with wonderful views. The front of Villa Classic overlooks Fountain Park and Mount Kell Tepe – which are on 150 m. distance from the house, and from the upper part it is found – view of Dospat Dam.