Crossing town of Dospat, Mount Kell Tepe, Pochilena barchina peak

On the longest day of the year in the Rhodopes

On the longest day of the year, when it is the summer solstice and the elements are in mutual harmony, we had a nice outing in nature and hiking with good friends and guests of Villa Classic Dospat. Our journey started from the Fountain Park, which is at the foot of Mount Kell Tepe and is located directly opposite the guest house.

We discovered the beautiful views of Dospat

From the park, we went up to the meadow with a unique panoramic view of the city of Dospat and the Dospat dam, and to the south you can see the last Bulgarian hills of the Rhodopes and the towering mountain behind them The sky with Mount St. Elijah or Bozdag, as it was called at the time.

Panoramic view Dospat from the peak. Come Tepe

Transition with nature and soil in mind

We didn't forget to take a picture on the lawn, with the soil in mind, to which we owe much of this beauty. The Indian mystic and yogi Sadhguru, founder of the movement SaveSoil reminds us, that according to the research of UN experts and scientists with the rates of deforestation,processing, erosion and deforestation, the soil will be used up for approx 60 years, which can be accepted, that they remain alone 60 years of life of many microorganisms, bacteria, animals and even at the highest link in this chain, man. Save Soil calls for action and preservation policies, restoring and preserving the soil and for our unborn children.

The road to Pochilena barchina peak from Dospat

From Mt Come on, we descended to the Coria(area above Overnight) and from there on the way we went down to Meizinova Cheshma, located a little outside the city on the main Dospat road – Batak next to Dospat dam. We replenished the provisions from the restaurant in Paci( caravan, which is on the very coast, opposite the fountain) and we hit the road- the ascent to the peak. Pochilena Barcina, one of the highest peaks in the area.

With the song of the birds and the gifts of nature, wild strawberries and mushrooms, the steepness felt easier, but still, we were stopping for a short break.

Trekking holiday in the Rhodopes
Mushrooms on the way to Pochilena barchina
A mushroom pick up a branch of a Dospat tree


At the very top, we took some nice pictures and a video with a wonderful view of this part of the Rhodopes and Dospat dam.

Photo from Mount Pochilena Barchina towards Dospat Dam


Video Pochilena Berchina peak





So in interesting conversations and a meeting with the other kind we did 20 km. transition, we found approx 3 kg. mushrooms, of which we prepared delicious dinner.

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Crossing town of Dospat, Mount Kell Tepe, Pochilena barchina peak
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